About Our Firm

We’re proud to be one of the nation’s largest presences in physician residency programs,
providing disability insurance and resources for residents, fellows and practicing physicians.

Physician’s Resource Services is a financial services firm based in Austin, Texas, with offices across the state. We are dedicated to helping doctors and other professionals create effective investment, insurance and wealth accumulation strategies, as well as protect and grow their income. Our team of knowledgeable financial professionals partner with top industry experts to analyze and implement a financial strategy, based on your personal goals.

Our holistic wealth management process is based on discovering and understanding your needs, and developing a plan that strives to help you pursue your goals successfully. From asset protection and risk management, to tax efficient strategies, retirement and estate planning, we carefully assess your needs.

We understand that with the demands of a rewarding career, you’re left with little time for planning your financial future. When you work with us, you’ll have access to the tools, resources and advice you need to effectively create, implement and monitor your plan. Our long-term goal is to provide you the opportunity for greater peace of mind, in knowing that you’re getting valuable, up to date, trustworthy information, and that you are able to balance your personal financial needs with your busy career.

We believe that no single advisor can address all of the necessary components of a complete financial strategy. Instead, we offer a team of advisors and professionals in-house, and work closely with your other third-party advisors on your behalf, generating a cross-disciplinary approach.